HMS Daring Thermos Flask


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  • Made from Stainless Steel and clad with bamboo
  • HMS Daring thermos flask is reusable and long lasting.
  • Support the UK Veterans charity of your choice by purchasing this useful thermos flask.

5-00-Charity Donation

We will donate £5.00 of the purchase price to your chosen charity.


Available on back-order

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The current HMS Daring is one of the most advanced ships of its class in the world.

Serving as an Air Defence Destroyer, it is designed to shield other ships in the fleet from Air Attack, and can protect itself and other vessels from threats of up to 70 Nautical Mile Range.

Since Daring was declared officially “in service” in July 2010, she has circumnavigated the world and has taken part in disaster relief following typhoon Haiyan struck the Philippines.

She has taken part under her designed role of force protection, protecting US aircraft carriers as they struck at terrorists in Iraq and Syria.

The current HMS Daring is the 7th Royal Navy ship to carry the name.

A ship of than name has served the Royal Navy since 1813, with the ships being Brigs and Sloops, to Destroyers (with one being the fastest warship in the world of her time (1912)).

The name has a long history of service in the Royal Navy, and whose crews have upheld the fine traditions of The Senior Service.


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